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13 Reasons why a Dog will make your life so much better

Posted by Lexi on

    My human was reading this wonderful article and felt it was too good not to share! You see I pretty much can attest to each and everyone of these reasons as I fill a place in my humans life that well only a Dog can fill! I am so glad that I picked her to be my human,  she and my Daddy are so paw some  They both love me to the moon and back!  Take a peek at the list below and I bet you will agree with most if not all of these! 

~ You're also getting a walk when you take your dog out.

~ Dogs can strengthen the bonds between humans.

~ Some dogs can detect if you have cancer or not.

~ Dogs can also help make sure you don't eat things you are allergic to.

~ Just looking at your dog will make you feel happier.

~ A dog's face could bring out the caretaker in you.

~ Dogs seriously calm you down in high-stress situations.

~ They help us recover psychologically from a crisis.

~ Your dog could help prevent your child from developing eczema.

~ Your pooch could be your cure for loneliness.

~ Your dog will force you to be social, for better or for worse.

~ One study found that owning a dog could make you more attractive to potential love matches.

~ A dog makes us appreciate the simple things in life. 

Thank you Huffington Post for this wonderful list!

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