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Headline: Top 10 foods that are bad for your dog

Posted by Lexi on

Hi everyone. Lexi here! You know, my human Cathy spoils me with treats like homemade organic chicken jerky and frozen Frosty Paws. I love how they taste, she loves the extra kisses I give her, we’re all happy. It’s a big win-win.

However, once in a while I get into something in the kitchen that I’m not supposed to. Or friends will come over for a visit and sneak me food under the table. I tried to resist, but it just smells so good. Sadly, it’s also given me tummy aches. My friends and I put our heads together at the dog park the other day and here is our list of the Top xx human foods that really should be kept out of our reach:



3.Garlic & Onions

4.Macadamia nuts


6.Moldy or rotten food (my friend Buster, who really likes to dig through trash cans, found this out the hard way).

7.Raw meat or fish (especially salmon)

8.Meat bones

9.Human candy, especially containing chocolate or xylitol

10.Imported chicken jerky products (see the official FDA warning here).

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