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Our Story


Our story starts with a beautiful blonde, a cell phone and an “ordinary” walk along a trail that paralleled a wash. I was out for a walk with Lexi, my golden-haired Labrador Retriever, and her 4-legged boyfriend Buddy, and his human, my friend Fiona. Frustrated with juggling car keys, cell phone, the dog and a coffee cup, Fiona decided to put her cellphone in the only spot she could think of – her bra. A few steps later she bent over to tie her shoe and the phone catapulted out of her bra and down into the wash. I hopped over the railing and climbed down to retrieve the damaged phone. As I struggled to climb back up the concrete slope out of the wash I said, “There has got to be a better way to hold all this stuff!”

And that’s how PUPPER POUCH was born. After a fruitless search, I realized that the solution I needed for hassle-free fun time with Lexi didn’t exist. Being an experienced entrepreneur and therefore a “chief problem solver”, I headed to the Fabric District in downtown Los Angeles, purchased materials, and recruited a garment industry pro to bring my vision to life. Using a 45-year-old Singer sewing machine, we created the first PUPPER POUCH prototype. PROBLEM SOLVED, and life changed for Lexi and me. Longs walks became a pleasure. I was able to play without fear of losing my phone or keys – and Lexi reveled in the attention her stylish new accessory inspired among her dog park friends.

Today, Lexi, my husband Darrin, and I, are proud to share PUPPER POUCH with pet owners across the nation ready for carefree, hands-free quality time with their 4-legged friends.

Cathy Craig