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Our Team


Lexi and Cathy Craig

Founder and President - PUPPER POUCH CORPORATE

Hi there! My name is Lexi and I am a golden-haired Labrador Retriever. Cathy, my human, is our fearless leader and chief problem solver here at Pupper Pouch. Enough about her, though! I love being the middle point of attention, I swim like a fish, and (I have been told) snore like a drunken sailor. It took me a while, but I have trained my owners Cathy and Darrin, with great success to keep a ready supply of my favorite organic chicken jerky treats, and to fetch my toys when I am not in the mood. I enjoy greeting Cathy and Darrin each time they come home as if they’d been away for ages. Cathy calls me her Chief Muse, and although I am not a 100% sure what that means, I know it results in extra treats, so I am very okay with that!

Boomer and Hillary Broadwater


Hi, My name is Boomer. I am the creative Canine in charge of licks, naps and creative visuals for PUPPER POUCH. My human, Hillary Broadwater and I share an office where I offer my opinion daily on all creative decisions. We love PUPPER POUCH and work hard to make sure we are visually communicating Lexi’s message.

Bella and Dawn Mena


Hi, I’m Bella, Chief Communications Canine in charge of barks, bow-wows and bulletins for PUPPER POUCH. I also help my human, Dawn Mena, with writing captivating content that shares how much we love PUPPER POUCH and how they are making the lives of other dogs and their humans hands-free and happy!

Jackson and Alison Lindemann


Hi there, I am Jackson, the canine friend of Alison. Alison is the Webmaster of our site and Digital Marketing expert. I personally thinks she is the world’s best website developer, but hey, I am bias! We are super excited about PUPPER POUCH and especially the wonderful charities they support. We love to help brainstorm and come up with great marketing ideas to make sure everybody in the world knows about this awesome product!