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Headline: Six super reasons why dogs make your life better

Posted by Lexi on

We all know that dogs make us smile, give us hugs and generally make our lives much better just by being there, but did you know that owning a dog also brings benefits for our health and wellbeing that extend well beyond a laugh and a cuddle?

1.They keep us active: It’s no secret that dogs love to get outside and take walks. The longer the better. The whole family benefits from keeping Fido happy. Kids, facing all-time highs in obesity and other health-related problems due to inactivity, will definitely benefit from regular exercise with the family pets.

2. Medical warning systems: A dogs’ sense of smell is so finely-tuned that they are now being used to detect everything from low blood sugar levels in diabetics to colon cancer to seizures for those with epilepsy.

3. Quicker recovery from illness and injury: When Olympic athlete Lindsey Vonn faced missing the Sochi Olympics due to knee surgery, what did she do? Adopt a dog to raise her spirits and speed her recovery. Today, dogs are used in hospitals, nursing homes and in special programs, widely acknowledged for their contributions in providing support for those in need.

4. Speaking of recovery – and this is near and dear to our hearts – dogs help people recover from traumatic incident and psychological stress. Dogs have been proven to help the recovery process of soldiers going through post-traumatic stress disorder. Programs such as Paws for Purple Hearts, K9s for Warriors, Warrior Canine Connections and Battle Buddy Foundation all work to help promote a higher quality of life by providing canine companions to military veterans in need. We believe in the value of this so much that a portion of all PupperPouch proceeds are donated to several canine companion programs. 

5. Decrease stress: On an emotional level, owning a pet can decrease depression, stress and anxiety. In fact, studies have shown that dogs are often more effective for helping people find their Zen than even spouses, family or close friends.

6. Helps you to socialize: Quite the opposite of media stereotypes of dog-owning hermits, it turns out that owning a dog actually increases a person’s opportunities to socialize. Taking walks, hanging out at dog parks, even shopping at a local pet store all offer a multitude of opportunities for connecting with other dog owners and creating new friends – both for your pet and yourself. 

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