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How to tell when your dog is feeling sick

Posted by Lexi on

Hey there friends. It’s your friendly dog with a blog, Lexi, here. You know, Cathy and Darrin are pretty good at reading my mind most of the time. They know when I want to play, they know when I need to head outside and mark my territory, and they always know when I need a hug. But sometimes they have trouble reading my signals when I’m not feeling very well. Maybe I ate something bad. Maybe the new dog at the dog park who was bragging about never having any shots accidently gave me something. I have icky days just like everyone else, and I want to make sure that I get the attention I need. So here’s a heads-up for the signals I most often use to let my humans know that I need some TLC:

Lethargic, restless or irritable: If I’m not acting like my usual self, keep an eye on me. It usually means something is not right. Then again, maybe it was too much partying at the dog park the other day and I just need to catch up on my sleep. Either way, watch me for a few days to see if I get back to normal or not.

Lack of appetite: Sometimes I am just being picky, so if you notice I am not eating as much, just keep an eye on me. If it keeps up for a couple of days or more, then it’s time to call the {shudder} vet.

Not drinking water: This is definitely one of my big “Hey, I’m not feeling well” signs. If you notice me not drinking, and I refuse if you try to coax me to drink water, again, call that guy I mentioned a minute ago.

Coughing, wheezing or difficulty breathing: If I sound like I’ve developed a smoker’s cough or have trouble breathing when I run around and exercise, I could have an allergy, illness or infection. Sigh… call the… vet. Ugh.

Vomiting and diarrhea: This may not be fun for you, but believe me it’s not fun for me either. Usually this isn’t cause for great concern and my body is just doing its job purging harmful food or unmentionables that I may have eaten off the ground outside. However, if I keep it up for 3 or more times per day, then there are probably bigger problems that need to be dealt with. By, you know, that guy. (The vet).

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