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Seizures in Dogs

      Listen Up People!! My sweet friend Munson, a huge adorable Rottie was having a lot of seizures which was so scary to his Hooman and something that she had never experienced before ~ it was awful! Many trips to the vet,  lots of sleepless nights and a lot of research was happening for [...]

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The Golden Years ~ Senior Dog Care

     The Hooman found this very interesting as I approach my own "Golden Years".  I will be 7 this November and my mommy and I will be the same age. ;)  (I know I don't look a day over 3)… She found this article to be helpful and will  follow these tips and suggestions below. [...]

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Is it OK to Train with Food

    Well,  the Hooman found this very interesting as I guess it is a hot topic of debate amongst the pro's however as a dog I am here to tell you that YES food bribery is good! My Hooman will tell you the well I food it the great motivator for me and I [...]

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13 Reasons why a Dog will make your life so much better

    My human was reading this wonderful article and felt it was too good not to share! You see I pretty much can attest to each and everyone of these reasons as I fill a place in my humans life that well only a Dog can fill! I am so glad that I [...]

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How to tell when your dog is feeling sick

Hey there friends. It’s your friendly dog with a blog, Lexi, here. You know, Cathy and Darrin are pretty good at reading my mind most of the time. They know when I want to play, they know when I need to head outside and mark my territory, and they always know when I need a hug. But sometimes they [...]

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Headline: Top 10 foods that are bad for your dog

Hi everyone. Lexi here! You know, my human Cathy spoils me with treats like homemade organic chicken jerky and frozen Frosty Paws. I love how they taste, she loves the extra kisses I give her, we’re all happy. It’s a big win-win.However, once in a while I get into something in the kitchen that I’m not supposed to. Or friends [...]

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Headline: Six super reasons why dogs make your life better

We all know that dogs make us smile, give us hugs and generally make our lives much better just by being there, but did you know that owning a dog also brings benefits for our health and wellbeing that extend well beyond a laugh and a cuddle?1.They keep us active: It’s no secret that dogs love to get outside [...]

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Headline: Fun summer treats for our furry friends

With summer coming and the thermometer rising, who doesn’t love an icy, cool, refreshing treat? We all love our fruit pops, slushies, ice cream and frozen chocolate bananas, but don’t forget that our pets love to cool off with a frozen treat too. Here are some great ideas for chilly, yummy, fun treats that are all Lexie-approved.Frozen PB & [...]

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